These Tips Can Help You Prevent Injury During Exercise

It doesn’t matter if you are looking to swap your couch-based lifestyle for a more energetic one or you currently engage in exercise but are looking to increase the intensity of your sessions, it’s important for your health and safety that you take the right precautions to prevent injuring yourself.

Below are some of the very tips to help you out.

Take It Easy!

The worst thing that you can do is to shock your body into exercise. That is to say, going from no exercise at all right into running around the block until you can barely stand up. The same goes for those currently exercising and immediately increase their weight by too much.

No matter what your position, be sure to ease your way into any new exercise or an increase in exercise. By doing this, you are giving your best the best chance to adjust itself to the changes in your workout, helping you to not only build muscle faster but also improve your recovery time.

Use the Right Gear

You don’t have to buy the latest sports fashion, but you do need to make sure you are wearing the right gear and that your body is protected. For example, if you are about to start running then your regular shoes aren’t to cut it. Instead, pick up some purpose designed running shoes. Similarly, if you will be taking your exercises outside, grab a pair of polarized sunglasses from the Groupon Coupons page for Ray Ban to protect your eyes as you exercise. Whatever exercise you choose to do, be sure that you are wearing the right gear.

While it may seem trivial to run in walking shoes, it’s important to remember that these shoes weren’t designed to absorb the level of impact created as you run, leaving you open to potential ankle and foot injuries.

Stretch Before and After

If you are looking to build muscle then you need to stretch before each workout to promote blood flow. Of course, you shouldn’t limit your stretches to just the muscles you will be working out. For example, if you are lifting weights, be sure to work out your supporting muscles, such as your legs and torso which can help you to keep your posture correct.

Similarly, if you are performing cardio based exercises then stretching after each session is going to reduce the amount of lactic acid which make its way to your muscles, helping to reduce the level of pain and discomfort that you feel the next day.

When it comes to exercise, the key is to take it easy and listen to your body. If you feel that you need to stop and take a rest, then be sure to stop and take a rest, even if you are just walking. Similarly,  if you can feel your body crying out for hydration, be sure to drink water or a sports drink alternative to give your body what it needs.

Medical Marijuana: the Myths and Realities

Medical Marijuana: the Myths and Realities

Sort out the reality from the rumors about medical marijuana. There’s a lot of misinformation out there about marijuana, so we’re breaking down 10 of the most persistent common myths about the medicine – and providing you the true facts instead. Is pot prohibition working? Can everyday use lead to addiction? Continue reading to find out the answers to these plus more questions.

Weed prohibition effectively shields kids

In 2011, use of medical marijuana by young adults hit a 30-calendar year peak, with one out of every 15 high school students reporting they smoke cigarettes most days, as well as for the very first time U.S. teens reported smoking more container than cigarette smoking. But teens don’t smoke any longer pot in state governments where medical marijuana is legal than in ones where it’s not. Legalization advocates claim that the ultimate way to reduce use by minors is to legalize and regulate pot.

Holland and Portugal have legalized marijuana

The Dutch have never formally legalized marijuana. They have got an official insurance plan, since 1976, of not enforcing existing regulations against ownership of small amounts or “coffeeshops,” about 700 of these, selling smaller amounts. But growing, distributing and importing container is still a crime in the Netherlands. While Portugal decriminalized all drugs, that’s not a similar thing as legalization. Acquisition, possession and use of pot are administrative offenses in Portugal, punishable by civil sanctions such as fines or community service.

Prisons are packed with people set for marijuana possession

About 750,000 people are caught each year for marijuana offenses in the U.S. There’s lots of variation across expresses in what happens next. Not all arrests lead to prosecutions, and relatively few people prosecuted and convicted of simple possession wrap up in jail. Most are fined or are positioned into community guidance. About 40,000 inmates of express and federal prison have a current conviction relating medical marijuana, and about 50 % of these are in for marijuana offenses together; most of these were involved in distribution. Less than one percent are in for possession alone.

Cannabis use triggers cancer

It’s true that marijuana smoking, like tobacco smoke cigars, includes carcinogens. But even hardcore pot smokers typically ingest much less container than tobacco smokers do smokes, probably not enough to cause cancers. A 2006 UCLA study concluded that even heavy marijuana use will not lead to lung cancer. “We hypothesized that there would be a positive relationship between medical marijuana use and lung tumors, and that the connection would be more positive with heavier use,” said the study’s lead author. “Everything we found instead was no relationship by any means, and a good advice of some protecting effect.” This and other studies suggest that pot can in fact inhibit the growth of cancerous tumors. Finally, what risks there are involve smoking, and there are different ways to take marijuana.

Using marijuana causes crime and delinquency

The rate of container use is higher among offenders than nonoffenders, but that definitely will not mean that pot causes criminal action. Another factor may be traveling both results – or maybe the causality goes the other way, and criminals are just much more likely to use drugs. Furthermore, container, unlike alcoholic beverages, doesn’t generally unleash aggression, so it is much harder to web page link it to violent crime.

Cannabis use causes dependence or addiction

It is possible to become reliant on medical marijuana, but this only happens in a minority of the already relatively small group of heavy users. Research suggests that about nine percent of marijuana users became medically dependent at some point, in comparison to 15 percent of cocaine users and 24 percent of heroin users. As shown marijuana Modesto California.

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What Is a Physician Certification for Medical Marijuana?

What Is a Physician Certification for Medical Marijuana?

Physicians who recommend marijuana medicinally are protected from federal prosecution so long as they don’t get involved with distribution or production. Thousands of doctors are recommending marijuana under state medical marijuana laws and, so far, no one has been punished by the federal government.

A recommendation (certification) consists of a doctor’s written statement that marijuana would be medically beneficial for the patient’s debilitating condition. It is not a marijuana prescription, as a prescription is legally defined as a written order to a licensed pharmacist to supply the drug. Medical Marijuana prescriptions are impossible due to prescription drugs being subjected to extensive federal regulation. But when it is properly prescribed, a problem may not to take effect.

Patients may seek a certification from their general practitioner, however, they may not be willing to provide the recommendation. This could be based on fear of prosecution, or simply not knowing enough about it. If that happens, patients are legally within their right to receive a copy of their medical records and seek another doctor who is knowledgeable about medical marijuana.

What Is a Physician Certification for Medical Marijuana


States typically require recommendations come from a physician licensed to practice in that state.  You can also visit our top article here. Once the certification is obtained, the next step is to apply with the Arizona Department of Health Services for an Arizona Medical Marijuana ID Registry Card. Arizona does this.

The Arizona Medical Marijuana ID card is good for one year from the date of production. Then a new certification will be necessary.

A written certification includes:

  • The physician’s name, license number, address, telephone number, and email address;
  • A statement, initialed by the physician;
  • The qualifying patient’s name and date of birth;
  • A statement that the qualifying patient has a debilitating medical health condition as defined by the Arizona DHS;
  • An identification of the debilitating medical health conditions in Arizona DHS statues as to its qualifying patient to its specific medical condition.

The physician has assumed primary responsibility for providing certain management and usual routine care of all patient’s debilitating medical health condition after each conduction of a comprehensive medical health history and any form of physical examination, including personal review about the patient’s medical health record maintained through other treating by physicians that may include the any patient’s response and reaction to such conventional medical health therapies. After reading this article if you still need to know more visit our link: here.

  • A statement, initialed by the physician, that the physician has explained the potential risks and benefits of the medical use of marijuana to the qualifying patient;
  • A statement, initialed by the physician, that the physician plans to continue to assess the patient and the patients who qualify to use the medical marijuana upon the course on the physician-patient relationship;
  • A statement that, in the any physician’s professional own opinion, those qualifying patient will likely have to receive certain therapeutic and a palliative benefit coming from the patients who qualified the medical usage of marijuana in treating or alleviating the patient’s as to its debilitating health condition;
  • An attestation that the information provided in the written certification is true and correct;
  • The physician’s signature and date the physician signed;
  • A statement, initialed by the physician, that the physician reviewed all prescription and non-prescription medications and supplements that the qualifying patient is currently using for consideration of any potential drug interaction with medical marijuana.

The Legalization of Medical Marijuana

The Legalization of Medical Marijuana

There are many different reasons why medicinal marijuana should be legalized. The main reason is the fact that it has been proven that medicinal marijuana can help those who are sick with certain ailments. There is no doubt that the opinions of those against and for the legalization of marijuana have grown since the Controlled Substances Act was changed in 1972. In 1972, the Controlled Substances Act stated that marijuana has no accepted medical use. However, thousands of people in the United States of America think otherwise. This is why around fifteen states have already legalized the medicinal use of marijuana.

Advantages of Medical Marijuana

There are many different advantages to using medical marijuana. For example, marijuana has the ability to ease the suffering of men and women who are sick. In addition, marijuana has other useful purposes. For example, the THC that is commonly found in most marijuana medicinal plant was found to be the killer of cells’ brain tumor. There are other research that shows that THC has found in most marijuana which can kill tumors in breast also, pancreas tumors, as well as liver tumors. This means that marijuana can prove to be extremely useful for men and women who have cancer. Other men and women also say that the legalization of marijuana could help the economy. If the United States of America legalizes the drug, regulates the drug, and taxes marijuana, there is no doubt that it could potentially lessen the overall federal debt.


The Legalization of Medical Marijuana

The receptors in a person’s brain may allow an acceptance of any cannabinoids such as THC. These certain receptors contains the system’s large part of the body. Having said this it is known that the THC in marijuana can reduce pain and other stressful symptoms of specific diseases. For example, it can reduce symptoms that are commonly associated with chemotherapy regimens. There are still lots of advantages this medical plants can provide. Just make sure it is on your own benefits.

Medical Marijuana Can Help Sick Men and Women

There is no doubt that the medical use of marijuana can help men and women who are sick with specific diseases. For example, medical marijuana can help those who are sick with HIV, AIDS, Cancer, Glaucoma, Multiple Sclerosis, and epilepsy. Medical marijuana is often known to help sick men and women who have to deal with pain and nausea. If you need to know more you should visit this link: here. Medical marijuana is also commonly used as a last resort when everything else fails to work. There are many different sick men and women who cannot keep down the nutrients that are needed to fight their specific ailments. These men and women often cannot keep down those nutrients without the use of medical marijuana.

Health Risk Myths

Although there are some health risks to smoking marijuana, there is no doubt that many of the stated health risks are simple myths. After reading this article you can click here to read more. For example, no one has ever overdosed on marijuana. In addition, while others believe that marijuana is addicting, research shows that marijuana is not physically addictive.